Glass of Dreams
All Rights Reserved. 2007
This is a custom piece I did
for a client who wanted a
portrait of a horse she liked.
I used Armstrong 2618-S
rust/opal/streaky for the
horse. The swirls of color
in the glass, and the different
shades helped to define the
contours of the horse,
especially the chest and shoulders
area (see photos below).
The pictures left and below, are
before the copper foil and solder
has been applied.
I also used the rough side of the glass to select the
pieces to cut. The patterns of the glass were very
different on either side. When the light shines through
you don't see all the swirls and patterns of the glass,
you see a deep, rich and warm blend of the colors.
The background glass is Armstrong 4118-S opal/
light blue/streaky. When the sun shines through
the glass, it picks up a light pink hue in the white parts
and it looks exactly like the sky. This piece is
approximately 26 x 18" and framed in a brass
metal came.