Glass of Dreams

All of the designs on this website are my own, and can be change/customized
to create the stained glass panel of your dreams. I can take out certain aspects
of a design, like a certain object, or I can give the pattern less detail. This
will result in less pieces to the panel ,which also results in a lower price. The
opposite will also apply, adding more detail or objects to the design will result
in a higher price to the panel. Keep this in mind when receiving a price quote
as this will give you more room to work with as relating to the cost or the
design that you desire.

I also do animal portraits from your photos, and most anything you can
think of. When creating a design for a custom piece or portrait, there is no
obligation to purchase a panel if you don't like the design or cannot afford
the cost. I understand this completely and no offense will be taken if you
decide not to purchase a panel. I want my customers to be 110% satisfied
with their purchase  When purchasing a panel that has to be constructed,
I require half of the payment before I start the project (this is non-
refundable).  The other half is due before the item is shipped. For more
information on the ordering a stained glass panel
click here.
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